The Shadow Warrior

Reflections of early Ninjutsu training in America

Available as a PDF download.
130 pages
$15 USD

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"In the fall of 1981 I moved to Dayton, Ohio to become a ninja..."

And so opens the prologue to an exciting new book by former Black Belt magazine columnist Darryl Caldwell.

This book tells the story of the origin of real ninja training in the West.

As a special treat to celebrate the pending release of The Shadow Warrior, here is an audio file of Darryl Caldwell reading one of the chapters from the book. The chapter is called "Ninpo-ik-kan! Treasure Your Training" and it highlights the importance of tradition and legacy. It also gives a glimpse of the mental perspective that guides ninja even today. Download it and enjoy!

Ninpo-ik-kan! (duration: 5 minutes)

Get the book here!

Comments on Caldwell's writing...

"Darryl Caldwell displays a brilliance rarely seen in today's martial arts writers.  For any martial artist with a desire to understand Ninjutsu beyond the mere physical techniques, this volume is an endless stream of inspiration."

--Allan A. Zarbock, author and martial artist

"I know Darryl has captured the unique essence of early ninja training in the West.......because I was there."

--Duncan Mills, martial artist

"Darryl's writing skills coupled with his unique, long-standing martial arts skills make this book a must-read."

--Roger Stebelton, martial artist