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  4. OKC Junokata clinic!

    Mon 10:16 GMT. Posted by

    Ju-no-kata is fundamental, but not basic. Ju-no-kata is sort of like a Rorschach blot or perhaps a Mandelbrot set - different folks can see a lot of different things within these 15 exercises.

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  5. When More Stops Being Better

    Mon 10:14 GMT. Posted by

    For a month the student struck the board deligently, feeling it bend and snap back into place. He was growing more comfortable all the time. Sadly his trip to visit his Sensei was brief and soon he flew back to his home town.

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  6. Chinese Martial Arts

    Mon 10:11 GMT. Posted by

    Chinese martial arts are well known and well respected. China is a pioneer to martial arts, founding several excellent styles. Although Kung Fu is the most well known Chinese martial art, there are others that are just as good. Below, we will look at some of the other Chinese martial arts that arenít as well known as Kung Fu.

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  7. Youíre an Idiot for Learning my Language

    Mon 10:08 GMT. Posted by

    If you tell an Italian that you speak two words of their language, they will invite you home for dinner and not let you leave till you emerge from a food comma, three days later. But this was the thanks I got for trying to learn Chinese. She practically called me an idiot for trying to learn her mother tongue.

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  8. Maintaining Power When Transitioning to Kishaba Juku

    Mon 10:02 GMT. Posted by

    When I became a student of Kishaba Juku, I had reached a point where I was deeply frustrated by my inability to improve. I feel that I had reached my own limits of linear Karate.

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  9. Observations on Chinese TV For Language Learning

    Mon 01:10 GMT. Posted by

    I decided I am at that level of proficiency where I can understand about 50% of pretty much anything I hear, which is enough to start benefiting from TV viewing.

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  10. The Art of Dodging Bullets

    Mon 01:07 GMT. Posted by

    My first martial art was taekwondo, but the senior student in the club was enamored with aikido.

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